Event Map

Gourmet Front Porch

The Gourmet Front Porch is your entry into Katy Taste Fest. Have fun with family and friends with our fun games center! We’re all about fun from beginning, middle, and end! If you need a quick break from chowing down, this is the spot to be!

Libation Station

Welcome to our Libation Station, where spirits meet philanthropy! Our station is not just about serving refreshing beverages but also about making a positive impact. 

As you indulge in our carefully curated selection of drinks, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about our charity partners. We’ve teamed up with local organizations dedicated to making a difference in various causes, from environmental conservation to community development and beyond

You’ll not only enjoy exquisite libations but also have the chance to engage with representatives from these charities and discover how you can contribute to their noble efforts.

Connoisseur Stage

Enjoy some sets with Nowhere But Up while getting bites from these local favorites!

Featuring Restaurants: 

Main Street

Enjoy more bites down Main St and check out our amazing sponsors when you need a break!

Featuring Restaurants: 

Sweet Spot

When you think you’ve had just about enough, don’t forget about dessert! This year, we’ve got the Sweet Spot, where you’ll fulfill your sweet tooth cravings.

Featuring Restaurants: 

Explore authentic tastes from over 25 amazing Katy restaurants.
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